Space 220 opening FINALLY announced!

When the new restaraunt for EPCOT, Space 220, was announced, it was originally supposed to open in 2019. After all we’ve been through, does anyone even remember 2019 anymore? That year was a blur of buying a house, selling a house, moving to a new state, enrolling kids in new schools, starting a new job (twice), and just trying to get my bearings. Well, as it turns out, it was a blur for Space 220 as well, when it’s intended opening came and went. It was pushed to 2020 originally due to construction issues, and then pushed off again due to the pandemic. It got to the point where they didn’t even announce a new opening date.

The Space 220 restaurant is designed to give you the closest experience to dining among the stars without actually leaving the Earth. It is appropriately located right next to the Mission: SPACE in the Future World section of EPCOT. This new restaurant will give you a riveting experience that starts the moment you check in to the Space 220 Departure Lounge. Next, you’ll be boarding one of the two “Space Elevators” which will take you up what is meant to simulate 220 miles (hence the name) above Earth to the Centauri Space Station. According to Zach Riddley’s description from his video released on instagram, once you’ve docked, you’ll head through the Space Station-themed dining area. Inside the dining area, you’ll get a panoramic view of Earth below, and a variety of work and leisure activities taking place beyond the windows out in space.

The views are just part of the experience. The Disney Imagineers are excited to have created this experience for Executive Chef Marc Kusche to showcase his culinary wonders. The Space 220 restaurant menu will feature stellar dishes and gourmet recipes, with a two-course prix fixe menu for lunch, and a three-course prix fixe menu for dinner. The upscale, contemporary fare will bring new meaning to “the height of dining!” Rounding out the meal will be unique beverages – from fine wine to atmospheric cocktails and more.

So alas, the announcement has finally come! The Space 220 restaraunt will open in mid September. That is only a month away, and just in time for the 50th anniversary! Now the question everyone is wondering….when will booking open?!

You can see Zach Riddley’s video here:

Update: September 15, 2021

Space 220 opens September 20, 2021, but during the first week of operation, there will be NO reservations and the restaurant will be taking walk-ins only. That means if you want to go from September 20-26 you will need to show up early and get in line for a chance to eat there.

Starting September 27 Space 220 will be taking reservations for both lunch and dinner.

We also got a first look at the entire menu. Lunch at Space 220 is a 2-course prix-fixe menu and costs $55 per person. It includes one Lift-Off Appetizer and one Star Course Entree. Dinner is a 3-Course prix fixe menu and costs $79 per person. It includes one Lift-Off Appetizer, one Star Course Entree, and one Supernova Sweet dessert.

All of the appetizers are the same on both the Lunch and Dinner menus. However, the two entree menus are quite different with most items exclusive to one menu and not available on the other. On top of the Lunch and Dinner menus, there is also a Lounge menu. This includes all the specialty cocktails, wines, and beers, as well as Flight Bites, small appetizers you can snack on with your drink. It’s not clear yet whether the lounge will be by reservation or walk up wait list.

Here’s the link to view the full menu yourself:

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