Disney has more news: DAS changes

DAS is Disney’s shorcut name for their Disability Access Service. On the heels of the announcement of Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane, Disney has also announced that there will be changes to the DAS. The DAS allows guests with a disability to “skip the line” for most attractions.

To be clear, those with a DAS still have to wait, just in a different way. Let me start by explaining the current way it works. On the first day of your trip in a park, you go to Guest Services to request DAS. You tell the cast member why you need it and they can either approve or deny you. In some cases, a disability may be invisible. The cast member has to rely on the fact that you are telling the truth. They cannot request for a doctor note or proof of the disability. Although, it has been noted that any guest found to be not telling the truth, they will be permanently banned from all Disney World and Disneyland parks and resorts. If approved, they will take a picture of the person in need of the pass, and it will be linked to your magic band. You only need to go to Guest Services once during your trip. The DAS is good for 60 days.

To use the DAS, you no longer have to go up to the Lightning Lane entrance of the attraction you want to go on. You will actually go into the MDE app and select the pass you want there. I have instructions for how to utilize this below. If the standby wait is currently 15 minutes or less, you can typically enter the Lightning Lane right away. If it is longer, you will be given a return time. In my experience, it is whatever the wait time is, less 10 minutes. You can only have ONE ride wait active at a time. During your wait time you can go do something else like go on a ride with an acceptable wait time, shop, eat, or just rest.

Disney has also now introduced a way to get approval for the DAS prior to your trip, so you do not have to visit guest services. Here is what Disney had to say:

DAS Advance

This fall (2021), we’re introducing a new option to register virtually with a Cast Member via live video chat as early as 30 days in advance of a park visit.

During your chat with a Cast Member, you’ll also have the opportunity to select up to 2 experiences per day (subject to availability) using our new DAS Advance planning option. Please keep in mind that DAS Advance selections must be booked at least 2 days prior to the day you plan to redeem them, and you will not be able to make selections on the day of your visit.

If the experience you want is available, you’ll be given a one-hour return window to redeem during the day of your visit. Any selections you make will appear as plans on the My Disney Experience app or on this website.

Please note: at this time, live chat will be offered in English only.

Same-Day DAS Return Time Self-Selection Tool

To select your return time for your next ride in MDE, go to the tip board to view the list of available rides. Click on the name of the ride you want to get a pass for. You will then see where you can click on:

Select the guests you want to include and hit continue. Then confirm your pass. Do not forget this step! I highly recommend also getting a screen shot of the pass, just in case there are technical difficulties. I have had a pass disappear before. But overall, it’s really easy.

Once your time is available, go up to the Lightning Lane, and the person who actually has the DAS needs to scan first, followed by everyone else.

You can read more info and FAQ about the DAS here https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/disability-access-service/

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