Disney Genie Update

I know I’ve been gone for a minute, and I’m a little late to the party. I had surgery and have been recovering. I finally have an update on the Disney Genie, though!

As you may know by now, the Disney Genie has been out for about a month. I didn’t get to use it myself yet, but some fellow agents and clients have! The first few days, it seems like it was a bit of a mess. Patrons who had purchased the Lightning Lane + were still waiting in long lines, and the standby lines were therefore that much longer. But it seems Disney is learning from trial and error, and it has improved!

It sounds like overall, the app is doing a decent job with making suggestions that are applicable. Sometimes, if you have purchased the Disney Genie +, it suggests your next Lightning Lane pass for a ride that only has a short wait to begin with, so it’s not perfect. But may still be a work in progress. Many have said they practically walked right on to rides like Rise of the Resistance when they purchased the Lightning Lane + in the more recent weeks.

Here is a review from one of my clients:

“My opinion on Disney Genie: I found it convenient to use when wanting to go on a ride with a long ride and being able to book one after another. I didn’t like that it didn’t warn prior that a lightning lane would not be needed since the ride itself had a 10-5 minute wait. For example we used the pass on the Mad Hatter ride since the last time at Disney the wait was an hour and discovered it was a 5 minute wait. I enjoyed being able to plan the day ahead somewhat and reminders to order mobile food when we were in the park. I did not like the cost as for the price I felt it did not add much to the whole Disney experience. The Disney mobile app did enough with that finding transport and booking meals. I would probably not get it for Epcot in the future since all their rides were less than a 20 minute ride. Also would not get it for Animal Kingdom since the ride wait times were approximately 15-30 minutes.”

Based on what she has to say, I think it really is going to vary on day and how busy the parks are. Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom seem like the winners here, 100% worth the $15/day/person Genie +. Are Animal Kingdom and Epcot worth it? Perhaps not unless those parks are particularly busy. But, if you don’t want to rise early every day or stay up until midnight to purchase for just the days you need during your trip, it may still be worth purchasing for your whole trip ahead of time.

On the other hand, if you are interested in riding one of the Lightning Lane + rides without the wait, the overall concensus is it’s a great purchase! Also, the free features of the Disney Genie seem to be delivering as well.

I can’t wait to try it out myself someday! As more information comes in or I get other tips and tricks, I will update this post!

Published by Emily Trempe

I am a mom of 2 boys ages 11 and 14, and have been married to my wonderfully supportive husband, Brian for 14 years. I work full time in the billing department of a large opthamolgy practice in Michigan. I have not just a love for all things Disney that started from birth. My boys sometimes call it my Disney problem, but my husband and I fondly refer to it as my Disney passion. I have a side gig as a travel advisor. I can help plan almost any vacation, but as you can guess, I specialize in Disney and Universal.

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